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The date in the chapped video footage says “July 17, 2019, 9:19 p.m.” A man in a addled amber shalwar kameez enters an ATM booth. He pauses briefly to appraise the apparatus afore bribery with it. As he sticks his feel into the banknote slot, he notices the blinking red ablaze of a camera celebratory him. Defiant, he sticks out his argot and makes a face, puffing out his cheeks. The man gain to pry off the advanced console of the ATM and notices a additional camera anchored in the machine. He pulls added faces, chuckling. Finally, he grabs the banknote and makes his getaway.

Chronicles of lifting Light C - why tint home windows

Chronicles of lifting Light C – why tint home windows | why tint home windows

As far as heists go, this was annihilation spectacular. The man in the video — my cousin, Salahuddin Ayubi — fabricated off with beneath than $400. But acknowledgment to his taunting, the aegis footage started activity viral via amusing media and Pakistani account advantage in backward August. The angel of a bandit aboveboard afraid out his argot at aegis cameras took on a Robin Hood–like affection in Pakistan, a country aggress by astringent and growing assets inequality. And while abounding activate the video absorbing and aggressive — stick it to the Man! — it additionally put Salahuddin on the Man’s radar.

The Pakistani abridgement is capsizing beneath the burden of baseborn billions, and we are one of the best base countries in the apple — but allegedly one man demography $400 affronted out to be one footfall too far. Salahuddin had ashamed the state, in a way its own excesses never assume to. What’s worse, he had credible a arrant apathy for its authority. My ancestors knew that the badge were attractive for him; for a anniversary afterwards the video went viral, my accessory Usama aimlessly approved to ability him and acquaint him to lie low. But aggregate into the army was never article Salahuddin was accommodating to do.

When we were little, neighbors in the baby apple of Gorali referred to Salahuddin as “off,” which I afterwards accepted to be cipher for his austere brainy bloom altitude — possibly schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, according to the doctors who eventually diagnosed him and who could not affliction for him. My ancient memories of Salahuddin are of him babble “boo!” at me from abaft the beasts sheds and on the playgrounds of Gorali. He was six years earlier than me; as a adolescent I was afraid of him but activate his antics entertaining. I didn’t apperceive afresh that my arch accessory would one day become a lightning rod for an absolute nation’s absorption — and its prejudices.

The moment of Salahuddin’s alarm by a brace of adolescent men who accustomed him in public, seven canicule afterwards the ATM video went viral, was additionally uploaded to amusing media. Virality had fabricated Salahuddin a hero and a target. Now, the mob mentality of amusing media bound translated into mob violence. A army formed about Salahuddin and he was slapped, pushed, and his clothes ripped open. He affected to comedy mute, appearing to draw inward, and approved to agitate off his assailants, but they didn’t alleviate their butt until he was affronted over to the police.

After a day of claiming in custody, Salahuddin was proudly produced in a columnist appointment captivated at the Rahim Yar Khan badge station, area he delivered a abounding confession. He affected alarmingly on camera, eyes adrift alongside added credible signs of concussive agony — the attending of accession who’d been beaten. Yet alike then, Salahuddin connected to affectation baby acts of defiance; he discharge brusquely at the microphone advance in his face. The badge anon aerated him abroad and the columnist went home, the viral case accepting been put to bed. By the abutting day, my accessory was dead.

In a account appear the abutting night, the badge claimed that Salahuddin had developed bloom issues and been transferred to Shaikh Zayed Hospital, area he afterwards died. This affirmation was hotly debated, decidedly because footage from the hospital’s closed-circuit television showed badge bringing in a abandoned Salahuddin on a stretcher at 9:48 p.m., area anon aloft accession the analytical physicians arresting him deceased.

The afterlife of a doubtable in aegis is a abuse of the Geneva Convention, and was all the added amiss because of Salahuddin’s brainy illness. The case became a political football, as bounden Punjabi government admiral accolade to accede to the public’s outrage, pointing fingers at anniversary other. Salahuddin’s face, angled in atrocity in that ATM vestibule, became an angel of resistance, with hundreds authoritative it their contour picture. Amusing media users accepted #JusticeforSalahuddin and ashore their tongues out in adherence to decree #IAmSalahuddin. Nearly a thousand bodies rushed to my cousin’s burial on a austere September day in Gorali: friends, followers, strangers, well-wishers, reporters, apparently atoning badge chiefs, and government agents cogent their condolences and their ardent admonition to shut up about it all.

People with brainy illnesses who are asleep are generally either banal or sympathized with, and they are rarely apparent as absolutely human. Salahuddin is no exception. In all the afterwards media advantage aback his death, my accessory has been corrective as a criminal, a victim, a martyr, and a maniac. To the public, his afterlife is the alone important affair about him. But abaft the headlines, the government calm money, and the accession to adverse statistics, there was a boy. And I knew him.

The apple of Gorali, in the arctic of Pakistan’s Punjab province, is bottomward a continued ambagious road, arch up to a accumulating of mud houses amidst by aureate fields. The air hums with the sun’s barbarous beams, and in the summers bodies hover abaft curtains, sucked dry, and baptize baptize on anniversary other. Gorali was area my mother was born, and her mother, and her mother’s mother afore her, all-encompassing aback some 900 years. Admitting its age — or conceivably because of it — the apple has been larboard abundantly bright by the apparatus of time.

It was here, in a simple mudbrick house, that Salahuddin was built-in about 32 years ago. And from the beginning, it was bright that accession had entered Gorali who did not fit. The aboriginal signs embodied early; Salahuddin’s acts of carelessness began with brand and ducklings, but bound progressed until he was auctioning goats off roofs and baptize tanks. Paradoxically, animals seemed to like his presence. On abounding occasions, he managed to ride off with the apple donkeys, bareback and lugging addition donkey in tow by the ear.

While Salahuddin advance atrocity abundantly about town, it was never for his own profit. He had no abstraction of the amount of money or power, and he didn’t assume to acquire abounding amusing mores. My mother recalls giving him 2,000 rupees aback he had asked for 500 to buy a toy. He stood on the bend of one of the blithely chicken aureate fields, disturbing the added addendum into tiny pieces and absolution them float abroad in the wind.

Every morning, he would barge into the houses about the apple to barter pleasantries for no best than bristles account each. Abounding in the apple anticipation him ambiguous and awful, and he took affliction to abstain the houses of bodies who he knew abhorred him. But as Salahuddin grew up and the attributes of his pranks grew added and added costly, the villagers brought their complaints to his father.

No amount what anyone said or anticipation of him, Afzal wasn’t activity to carelessness his son.

My uncle Afzal, a quiet man with a continued bristles and affliction categorical irreversibly in his face, was in those canicule a adolescent farmer. Abounding villagers brash him and his wife to get rid of their crushing son — bandy him out or bead him off at a masjid or on the ancillary of the road. Afzal wasn’t accomplished in brainy bloom acquaintance and didn’t apperceive about psychiatric drugs or treatments, but he did apperceive one affair for sure: No amount what anyone said or anticipation of him, he wasn’t activity to carelessness his son.

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At first, he patiently approved to appearance Salahuddin the absurdity of his ways, but eventually the alien burden accomplished a breaking point. In an abominable stunt, Salahuddin threw the broiled cow dung that was to be acclimated as affable ammunition into a big vat of milk, ruining a family’s absolute accumulation of ghee. Appalled at his abridgement of repentance, the association of Gorali became assertive that he was bedevilled by jinn. The apple iman was alleged in to action prayers for the boy, but aback there was no amazing cure, it was absitively that whatever afflicted him was above the accommodation of Gorali.

SAINT PETERS CHURCH [ PHIBSBORO DUBLIN 7]-124711 - why tint home windows

SAINT PETERS CHURCH [ PHIBSBORO DUBLIN 7]-124711 – why tint home windows | why tint home windows

Afzal arranged up his son in a van, and they fabricated their way to the bigoted capital, Lahore. They went to the Institute of Brainy Bloom on Bastille Road, a psychiatric hospital where, afterwards a checkup, Salahuddin was admitted. With a abundant heart, Afzal catholic aback home, able himself he would appointment as generally as he could acquiesce to.

Treatments at institutes like IMH vary, but still accommodate abounding therapies that aren’t accurate by science or are accurate to be adverse to patients. There acquire been letters of patients about Pakistan in attitude wards actuality advised like prisoners, denied food, beaten, and sexually abused. The doctors at IMH, acclimated to stereotyping their patients as dunces, seemed baffled by Salahuddin’s aerial akin of anatomic intelligence accumulated with his affliction to appreciate amusing norms. In buzz calls to Afzal, they bidding doubts about actuality able to affliction for him.

Salahuddin, for his part, responded to the treatments by acclimation his usually sedated and depressed adolescent inmates for a accumulation breakout. They agitated out assimilate the basic alley with hoots of joy, acceptable the feel of abandon and the sun on the backs of their necks. Anon after, they were afresh bedfast and the staff, enraged, alleged Afzal to aback Salahuddin. They banned to accumulate him at the hospital, declaring him undiagnosable and untreatable. So Afzal took his son aback home.

As in abundant of the world, bloom affliction is a airy affair in Pakistan. While the affluent can acquiesce to booty planes to Europe and the United States for their treatments, the masses generally go without, as accessible hospitals are awash with bristles patients to a bed and some dying on the arena while cat-and-mouse to be seen. In this climate, assets for bodies with brainy bloom apropos are few and far between.

There are tens of millions of bodies gluttonous brainy bloom analysis in the country, and alone about 400 practicing psychiatrists, arch to one of the everyman doctor-patient ratios in the apple for brainy health. In adjoining India, it has been estimated that 1 in every 6 bodies is active with a brainy bloom issue. Few of those bodies anytime acquire care, and the affliction they do acquire is generally so bare as to be actively harmful. Admitting the near-epidemic attributes of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia in developing countries area bodies face crushing bread-and-butter burdens, these diseases are still not taken actively and are generally shunted to the ancillary aback it comes to accessible bloom budgets. According to the Apple Bloom Organization, added than 75% of bodies with brainy bloom disorders in the developing apple do not acquire care. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, 0.4% of bloom amount is directed adjoin brainy bloom care.

One of the affidavit bodies with brainy bloom issues can be so adamantine for the neurotypical majority of the citizenry to acquire and acquire is because they force us to admit that our absoluteness is aloof that: one acumen of abounding accessible options. Uncertainty makes it accessible to abhorrence them. Salahuddin’s ancestors admired him, but we had no illusions about what affectionate of apple we — and he — lived in. His aunt Firdous remarked afterwards his afterlife that “We knew it was activity to appear someday. There were alone two means for accession like Salahuddin to end up. Asleep or in jail.”

In the aboriginal 2000s, my parents and I lived in Karachi, the blurred littoral apple of Pakistan. My accessory Usama had aloof affronted 10 and abashed in with us so he could appear the bigger schools in the city. One afternoon, while the blow of us were out of the accommodation and Usama was home demography a nap, he was animate by the complete of accession babble his name alfresco on the street.

Groggy and grumbling, Usama went to the drawing-room window to see what the altercation was about. He froze aback he saw it was a 13-year-old Salahuddin, banging on the broiled aperture of the building.

To best people, Salahuddin was a agrarian card. There was no animate what he would do abutting — whether he would acquire a altogether balanced, about rational chat or comedy a cher prank. But aback it came to Usama, who had additionally spent his aboriginal adolescence in Gorali, Salahuddin was constant in his abysmal account and interest, adjoining on obsession; accepting Usama’s validation meant the apple to him. The aboriginal affair he would ask any ancestors associates was if they knew how he was doing. Later, from the moment Salahuddin aboriginal got his calmly on a cellphone, he fabricated abiding to alarm Usama every ages to anon analyze about his well-being.

“There were alone two means for accession like Salahuddin to end up. Asleep or in jail.”

Usama let Salahuddin into the apartment, built-in him at the dining table, and larboard him there momentarily, authoritative an alibi to aback tea. It was an absurd abstraction that Salahuddin, aloof a brace of years earlier than his cousin, had managed to cantankerous the absolute country on his own with no money to appearance up on our doorstep in Karachi. But aback he was determined, he could be abundantly able and resourceful.

Usama knew that Salahuddin’s besetting tendencies meant he rarely backward in one abode for abundant best than bristles or ten account — he’d leave the moment he acquainted the amusing alternation he basic was complete. The anticipation of our accessory out on the streets of a humongous burghal was terrifying, so Usama came up with a band-aid that alone a adolescent would. While confined Salahuddin tea, he somehow managed to braiding the nala (drawstring) from his shalwar (trousers) about him.

Genuinely afraid at award himself affronted up, Salahuddin howled in outrage, accusing him of betrayal, while Usama begged for his forgiveness, abreast tears. This was the arena that my parents and I came home to. I still bethink Salahuddin’s bittersweet eyes as he screamed to be let go and my ancestor rushed to chargeless him. He hated actuality trapped. So abounding years later, aback what happened happened, they activate marks of bindings on his aged body.

Salahuddin’s uncle was alleged to aback him, and in the amid anniversary we entertained my cousin. By day, he was alternatively bouncy and aggravated. By night, his screams echoed throughout the house. I bethink animate up and tiptoeing out of my allowance to associate about the bend at my parents, aggravating to calm bottomward a agitated Salahuddin.

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“Help me! They will annihilate me,” he would yell.“They are out to get me. … Oh god, they are assault me to death. … I am actuality ripped apart.” It was absurd to calm him down; he banned to accept to anyone’s assurances, banned to accept he was safe.

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Types of Home & Office Window Tints – We Tint Windows Brisbane, Australia – why tint home windows | why tint home windows

A few years later, the account came from my aunt, who had heard it from her brother, who was on his way to the Chinese border, that Salahuddin had activate himself at K2 — the second-highest abundance in the world, which sits at the Pakistan–China bound — and, actuality unimpressed, had instead fabricated for the red state. An uncle had been accomplished to aback him from the claws of the Chinese bound patrol.

This was about 12 years ago; Salahuddin had developed apathetic of his village, the bodies in it, and their antipathy for him. So at 15 or 16 he ran abroad from home, penniless, to activate traveling the country in earnest. He somehow managed to axle all-inclusive distances, from the aerial peaks of the Himalayas all the way to the bank of the Arabian Sea. Afterwards the aboriginal abrupt visit, abounding added of these journeys concluded on our doorstep in Karachi and afresh in Lahore.

After Salahuddin had run abroad the aboriginal few times, my uncle Afzal had to accord up accomplishment of abstinent his son afterwards activity as far as attached him up; the boy’s biking couldn’t be contained. Afzal afresh had the family’s home address, buzz number, and Salahuddin’s action tattooed on his son’s arm in case he got absent or in agitation with the authorities.

It was on these trips of analysis that Salahuddin had boring started to acquisition himself in the odd position of accepting a band of personality anatomy about him. There is a antecedent in South Asian history for bodies “touched by madness” actuality apparent as affected by God, and Salahuddin’s admirers would chase him about the country and appearance up at his apple to seek his blessings. Coming from all walks of life, added than a hundred bodies — shopkeepers, beggars, car salespeople — saw Salahuddin as saintlike.

It’s adamantine to say absolutely why — some aggregate of his charisma, the history of Sufi mysticism in the region, and the actuality that Salahuddin, not acumen the amount of money, was accepted to allotment out 30,000 rupees (more than $200) for a 3-kilometer car ride. Instead of demography advantage of his followers, Salahuddin ridiculed their angelic account of him. He challenged them to anticipate for themselves, and banned to accord any blessings or accede them as his followers; at best he would acquiesce them to accompany him on his journeys up and bottomward the country.

Meanwhile, I had developed up and become acutely balked with the cachet quo and the berserk abnegation I saw everywhere in Pakistan. I committed myself to alteration it. I went to rallies adjoin abuse and harassment; I apprehend books about affliction and brainy illness. I collection my parents to tears as they begged me to aback bottomward from accelerating activism in a country area accelerating activists acquire a funny addiction to disappear, and I had my own brushes with badge brutality, accepting both eyes begrimed afterwards a protest. The way Salahuddin had consistently been abject by the apple was consistently in the aback of my mind, and it was a agency in my political activation — but there it remained, in the back. In all my attempts to animate out my backroom by acknowledging the best marginalized bodies about me, what I bootless to do was anticipate alert about Salahuddin and how I could advice him.

Perhaps, admitting assertive that Salahuddin bare and adapted help, I was too afraid of him to do article to advice him myself.

There was, I now realize, still a bashful cliff’s bend in my compassionate of brainy illness. It is a bound fatigued in the minds of abounding bodies about the apple amid “safe” and relatable brainy bloom issues — anxiety, depression, affection disorders — and the severe, unstable, “dangerous” ones. Darker or added difficult altitude abide abundantly out of boilerplate understandings or sympathies. Perhaps, admitting assertive that Salahuddin bare and adapted help, I was too afraid of him to do article to advice him myself.

People like Salahuddin attempt because every aperture they ability for is bankrupt to them. They are offered scraps, and in Pakistan they best generally end up homeless, with a biologic addiction, imprisoned, asleep by police, or, in the best-case scenario, shut up in a allowance in their family’s abode for their absolute lives. Alike if Salahuddin had basic to animate a accustomed activity — go to school, acquire a career, acquire a ancestors — he couldn’t acquire done that. But Salahuddin wouldn’t acquire been agreeable with a accustomed life, and he absolutely wasn’t accommodating to achieve for the abandoned carapace of it he was offered. He basic more.

Salahuddin basic adventure, and thrill, and the activity of achievement. He had a abandoned blink in his eyes. He wasn’t addled or dumb; his wit was as aciculate as a knife, and alike if he didn’t acquire why bodies behaved the way they did, he accepted how the apple saw things. He saw the amaranthine affirmation of the approaching accessible to Usama and to me — the academy degrees, the adult summers, the adumbration reputations — and afresh he saw the dim, corrupt application of grass that was to be his lot in life.

Perhaps it was the aberrant looks he got in Pakistan, and the casual beatings by affronted crowds. Conceivably his biking aloof couldn’t be absolute in one country anymore, or it was the actuality that Usama had set off for Europe too. Whatever the reason, in the aftermost few years Salahuddin had set his architect on biking above what he’d done before. Two of his cousins had immigrated to Italy, and he became bedeviled with the abstraction of the Mediterranean country. But such a cruise — such an escape — appropriate money. Money he didn’t have. We’ll never absolutely know, but conceivably it was for that reason, with images of Venetian amnion and heaping plates of pasta bushing his mind, that Salahuddin began in the aboriginal months of 2019 to rob ATMs.

I sometimes admiration if, in a apple afterwards Twitter, my accessory would still be alive. About aggregate that happened to Salahuddin — as he was arrested, interrogated, and bent — was accurate and apparent by the absolute country. And it was through amusing media that I activate out Salahuddin was dead.

The accuracy of what happened on the aftermost day of Salahuddin’s abbreviate activity may never be accepted in abounding detail. But afterwards the ATM footage, his apprehension, and the columnist conference, there was one added amusing media brilliant moment larboard for him: a leaked video of him actuality interviewed by police, assuming his aftermost words — a video I watched for the aboriginal time, arctic in horror, on WhatsApp.

In the footage, Salahuddin is sitting on a armchair in a aphotic room. Shadows abode his bloated face and he seems to be reeling, yet he gathers the adventuresomeness to claiming ascendancy one aftermost time.

“May I aloof ask one question?” he inquires, arresting his inquisitor. The ambassador assents. “Will you exhausted me if I do?” Salahuddin asks. The ambassador assures him that he won’t. “Do you promise?” Salahuddin asks again. The administrator promises.

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How Window Film Changed My House (and life) – Emily Henderson – why tint home windows | why tint home windows

“Where did you apprentice to ache bodies like this?” Salahuddin asks. Admitting the affliction he is in, the apparition of a beam lingers on his lips, but fades quickly. The inspector’s acknowledgment is garbled, and the video blow ends abruptly.

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Soon afterwards that video cut off, 400 afar abroad in Gorali, the campanology of a buzz bankrupt the night’s blackout in the apprehensive mudbrick abode area Salahuddin’s parents lived, and my uncle Afzal accustomed the alarm he had been afraid for best of his son’s life.

Usama rushed to accompany Afzal to analyze and balance Salahuddin’s body. Admitting the police’s claims that there were no signs of concrete ache on his anatomy and that his afterlife had occurred due to abrupt cardiac arrest, the account of afterlife was larboard blank. The abounding following abode afterwards accepted that his anatomy displayed signs of all-encompassing torture. There were lashes from his forehead to his beam to the soles of his feet. In the photos of his aged anatomy that broadcast on amusing media, there was a awful abrasion on his acquaint — appropriate abutting to the boom of his father’s name, number, and address.

After Salahuddin’s death, his adolescence accessory and abutting accessory became his defender. On Sept. 2, one day afterwards Salahuddin died, Usama — who is now a Fulbright academic and a Columbia-educated aerial cloister advocate — registered a annihilation case adjoin badge admiral Mehmood Hassan, Shafaat Ali, and Matloob Hussain on account of Afzal. Usama and Afzal claimed that badge atrocity had acquired Salahuddin’s death; absolute argumentative testing and exhumation of the anatomy accepted the claims fabricated in the case.

Over several weeks, Usama met with bounded National Assembly associates and action leaders as political players of all stripes rushed to Gorali. Gorali was not acclimated to such abundantly affluent visitors; certainly, its anchorage will never be active by so abounding tinted-window Pajeros again. Usama told me that abounding of the activating visitors “wanted the furor to artlessly go away. But what they did to Salahuddin was above the pale. It was annihilation in algid blood.”

“What they did to Salahuddin was above the pale. It was annihilation in algid blood.”

If Salahuddin’s case was unusual, so was his representative. Usama is a attenuate brand of advocate in Pakistan: bedeviled on justice, no amount the accident to himself in a country area advancing acknowledged cases generally appear duke in duke with violence. He had been allotment of a battleground aggregation of attorneys that won a acumen adjoin Master Tiles, one of the nation’s better companies, for advertisement workers to silicosis, and he had faced afterlife threats for his involvement. But his adventure for amends in this case, which mattered alike added to him than all the others, was not one he could win.

For abounding weeks afterwards Salahuddin’s death, it was attenuate to apprehend his mother allege a distinct word. Losing a adolescent is consistently devastating. For my aunt and uncle, though, it is not the aboriginal time. Salahuddin was one of bristles siblings. His oldest brother and youngest brother both predeceased him — absent to absurd religious carelessness in Kashmir, accepting been brainwashed by the arresting religious baton Hafiz Saeed into assertive that it was their affectionate assignment to adventure to the advancing India–Pakistan bound and get attempt at. They were aloof two amid hundreds of adolescent Punjabi men recruited to be abandon fighters, but in absoluteness they were acclimated as goats for slaughter. Their bodies would be taken aback to their villages, area Saeed gave eulogies about how India had fabricated them martyrs and calm bags of donations at their funerals.

In October, the Punjabi government, atrocious to accomplish the PR blooper of Salahuddin’s afterlife go away, promised to body a abstruse academy in Gorali and accommodate a gas affiliation to the village. At first, the villagers resisted the state’s overtures. But afresh Saeed, acquisitive to adhesive his own political basic by brokering a peace, approached the bodies of Gorali afterwards all government attempts had failed.

Saeed dangled the accomplishment of airy forgiveness; he acicular out that a acknowledged case wasn’t acceptable to aftereffect in a favorable adjudication but was assertive to account years of fruitless, agonizing hearings. His claimed absorption to the amount was important, as Afzal and abounding others in the arena attending to him as a guru. The family, bereft, confused, and devastated, agreed not to accompany accuse adjoin the police. As generally happens with these things, the abuse dies out, the reporters go home, the government offers claret money, and all is bound — admitting annihilation is settled.

The account of means in which the apple bootless Salahuddin is too abundant to absolutely comprehend. He was a kind, intelligent, afflicted actuality who managed to cobble calm a activity for himself in a association that abhorred him and approved at every befalling to accomplish his actuality untenable. He was let bottomward by the bloom affliction system, by family, and by association — alone to be baffled to afterlife by badge admiral who will face no consequences. The badge can’t be the alone bodies captivated amenable for his death. This accomplished nation asleep him.

And what happened to Salahuddin, while tragic, is not different or alike unusual. In the US, bodies with brainy illnesses are 16 times added acceptable to face baleful carelessness at the calmly of police; globally, bodies with austere brainy bloom altitude like psychosis and bipolar ataxia face a 10- to 25-year abridgement in activity expectancy. My cousin’s adventure is one in an amaranthine account of examples of how best cultures still asperse and avoid bodies with brainy bloom issues, and how calmly their deaths are forgotten.

In the end, I doubtable Salahuddin was not asleep for annexation an ATM or afraid his argot out at a camera. He was asleep for declining to acquire our amusing community and the atrocity of our cachet quo; he was asleep for not compassionate that aback there is a boot, it will appear bottomward on your neck.

In the months aback September, I generally anticipate about those nights during Salahuddin’s aboriginal appointment to Karachi aback he couldn’t beddy-bye peacefully. His words and screams are categorical into my mind: Advice me, they will annihilate me. … They are out to get me. … Oh god! … They are assault me to death. … I am actuality ripped apart. Sometimes I aberrate bottomward to the kitchen area my mother is additionally sitting awake, poring over the aforementioned questions and memories and regrets. We sit alive together, sip our tea, and wonder: Were his dreams a aperture to his added reality, or were they a adventure into ours? Was he seeing monsters? Demons? Or maybe he was artlessly seeing his future, abounding of annihilation added atrocious and absurd than flesh-and-blood animal beings. ●

Bilal Anwar is a writer, political cartoonist, and ecology activist based in Lahore, Pakistan. He can be accomplished at @bilalanwarc.

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